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FULL NAME: Wilhelmus Leonardus (William) GIESBERS

PLACE OF BIRTH: Eindhoven, Holland

("naturalised" New Zealand citizen)

MARITAL STATUS: Married (with two children)


CA - Chartered Accountant Admitted to NZICA 31-05-1983

FCIS - Fellow Chartered Secretary (Now Chartered Institute of Corporate Managers)

Admitted to ICSA 21-02-1984

AFNZIM - Associate Fellow NZ Institute of Management Admitted to NZIM 16-04-1984

CTP - Certified Treasury Professional Admitted 2004

Post graduate programme at Victoria University - Management 1994/5

Post graduate programme at Insead in France - Competing in the Information Age    1997


Highly skilled in the leadership and management of complex projects (e.g. merging two finance companies at Allied Farmers, balance sheet rebuild and remedial activity at Tower, the start-up of Contact Energy, the integration of Contact's nine retail acquisitions, Real Time Gross Settlement project for NZBA Council, wind-up of DFC).

Skilled in leadership of large teams and management of accounting, audit, tax, insurance, risk management, business integration, technology, systems development, company secretarial, treasury, financial markets and settlements functions.

Demonstrated understanding of utilities, IT companies, the practice of banking, structured finance, prudential supervision and statutory management.

Demonstrated ability to take a strategic viewpoint, implement agreed strategies and deliver effective, sensitive and imaginative support services.

Tertiary qualified, CA, FCIS, AFNZIM, CTP.   Well grounded in a variety of disciplines including governance, business process redesign, managing business integration, technology, systems development and implementation, internal control evaluation, risk analysis and strategic disaster recovery planning, financial statement presentation and reporting, all facets of management accounting, audit and insurance.

Total comfort with information technology as an enabler of strategic direction and company function.


July 2006 to present - Allied Farmers Limited

Initially a contract position - Chief Financial Officer of two finance companies owned by Allied Farmers, with the task to merge the two legal entities, and rebrand and relaunch the new combined company in three months, then to integrate the key IT platforms in the next three months.

In parallel and still as a contract, pick up the role of General Manager of Allied Pine Limited, a sawmill, from November 2006.

Appointed Group Chief Financial Officer of Allied Farmers, the publicly listed parent company in December 2006.

February 2006 to June 2006 - Executive Director of Prophecy Networks Limited

Undertook a range of consulting / contracting projects.

Focus on strategic business development of Prophecy with continued growth per annum of 30%+.

August 2002 to January 2006 Tower Limited - Group Chief Financial Officer / Group General Manager

After 8 months in the role as a contractor in an acting capacity, I was recruited by the Group Managing Director to assist in the ongoing remedial activity at Tower.

Responsible for:

  • Finance
  • Tax
  • Company Secretarial
  • Investor Relations
  • Treasury
  • Information Technology

Provide group oversight to:

  • Audit (both internal and external)
  • Compliance
  • Property

Role split in February 2005 to become Group General Manager with focus on Corporate Governance and a number of remedial / strategic projects (essentially the Finance / Tax / External Audit functions were split off).


Rebuilt Tower from its severely troubled state into a solid re-emerging life and general insurance company. This involved significant:

  • corporate restructuring (reduced from 12 separate businesses to 4 divisions)
  • balance sheet restructuring (capital raising and subordinated debt raising)
  • asset divestment initiatives (1 company sold and 1 division separately listed)
  • cost reduction initiatives (outsourcing, contract renegotiation, cost cutting)
  • business unit rationalisation (products, distribution, loss making lines)
  • building rationalisation (sold Wellington and Sydney headquarters, consolidated Auckland headquarters)
  • development of a strong corporate governance infrastructure (a simpler structure with 1 set of directors versus 12 previously).

August 2000 to March 2003: Executive Director of an IT Consulting Company- Gemtech Group Limited

With two other stakeholders, established a project management and strategic IT consultancy in Wellington. Customer base developed to include major corporates (eg energy companies and banks) and Government entities (eg Reserve Bank, Accident Compensation, Justice).

Built up sales from zero to NZ$2m in 18 months, and spawned 2 other start-ups - one (Prophecy Networks Limited) in network security (revenue now $1.5m) and the other (Stitch Limited) a scientific / engineering research company.

Contracted to Tower Limited to assist with remedial activity from August 2002.

April 1996 to August 2000:   Contact Energy Limited

April 1996: Finance Director

May 1996: also responsible for Information Management in addition to Finance role

October 1998: responsible for retail business systems integration in addition to Information Management


  • Successfully provided the finance infrastructure needed by the company to start up its commercial operations and move them into active support for a large, complex and viable business including revaluing the opening assets of the business on a modelled DCF basis to reflect the move from monopoly to competitive market.
  • Assisted in the establishment of six core banking relationships to enable the company to fund its activities and transact financially, obtained a credit rating and raised debt in the US capital markets.
  • Successfully presented the company for its first insurance placement subsequent to commencing commercial operation, and completed subsequent placements with improved risk coverage and cost.
  • Responsible for the information management function and in only 4 months created the IT infrastructure and complex business systems needed to allow the company to trade electricity 24 hours per day 7 days per week from 1 October 1996, and invoice and settle with customers.
  • Developed a business process model for retail customers, identified suppliers and implemented a 'retail organisation' in 80 days.
  • Developed the strategy and then moved to implement the integration of 9 acquired retail companies into a single business in less than one year.

December 1992 to April 1996:   Westpac Banking Corporation

Last appointment: Chief Manager, Finance, Technology and Operations

Institutional Banking (and Treasury)


Appointed by the Chief Executive for New Zealand to the Structured Finance Committee (and elected Chairman of the committee) responsible for signoff of all complex, structured, large, tax effective, or equity based transactions, and new products.

Assisted the New Zealand Bankers Association Council to reach a common understanding on Real Time Gross Settlement so that decisions to move ahead could be and were made leading to system implementation (appointed by the Council of the New Zealand Bankers Association comprising the Chief Executives of the ten member banks as one of two Project Sponsors for the Real Time Gross Settlement project (and subsequently as sole Project Sponsor), reporting to the Chairman of Council, responsible for the development and implementation of RTGS in to banking system in New Zealand in conjunction with the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Exchange Settlement Account redevelopment).

Project managed the successful acquisition by Westpac of nearly $1bn of mortgages from Housing Corporation of NZ and Mortgage Corporation of NZ.

1985 to December 1992:   DFC New Zealand Limited

Last appointment: Chief Financial Officer


  • Led DFC's accounting functions to more than adequately cope with the statutory management and consequent down-sizing while maintaining an environment of high job satisfaction and productivity.   Staff numbers in accounting taken from 77 to 5 in 23 months on a successful planned basis.
  • Achieved external audit clearance for DFC's financial accounts after a major, highly complex and unique debt restructuring.
  • Project management of various "end-game" strategies to assist in the orderly wind-down of DFC's affairs including responsibility for treasury risk management and hedging activity.
  • The creation in 1985 of a team of accountants and support staff to cope with a growth of 50% in business volumes (from $1.3bn to $1.9bn Balance Sheet size) during one year.


1973 to 1985:   ANZ Banking Group NZ Ltd, Wellington

1973 to 1985: various roles in the banking industry including head office appointments in the management accounting unit.


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